Intwine saves customers from dealing with the hassle of managing multiple vendors for hardware, services, and support by providing an end-to-end solution for broadband failover.

The 4G LTE Intwine Connect Router (4GR) is a specialized networking device designed to ensure secure and reliable broadband connectivity for homes, small businesses, and commercial buildings alike. The ability to deploy, monitor, control, and automate primary and secondary 4G LTE broadband networks becomes a reality using the 4GR. With the 4GR, users are able leverage Verizon's Private LTE Network, which means that data never touches the "open Internet," and greatly enhances the security and reliability of the network.

Remote Management Portal

The RMP is a cloud-based network management application that provides instant scalability and increased visibility into your network.

  • Cellular online/offline status
  • Data usage monitoring
  • Network health indicators
  • Advanced troubleshooting tools
  • Remote firmware upgrades
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